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Emirati and Italian co-author book about local culture

An Emirati and her Italian neighbour have teamed up to co-author a new book which attempts to break down cultural barriers in the UAE. The writers of UAE 101 Stories and Cultural Learnings: A Guidebook To the Emirati Culture have put together 159 pages of cultural tips and stories to try and bridge the gap in understanding between expatriates and locals. Readers can discover the Emirati sense of humour, table manners and even what it means when a local strokes his beard as you are talking. The

10 unexpected benefits of quitting smoking and tips on how to do It

Everybody knows that smoking isn’t just bad for you and your lungs, but that it kills: a smoker’s life expectancy is at least ten years shorter than everyone else’s, and if you quit before you’re 40 you can reduce your risk of smoking related death by a whopping 90%. Within just a year, your risk of heart disease will have halved. And if you manage to stay tobacco free for another year, research suggests you’re likely to be done for good. There are benefits that might surprise you, too. So in

Jail, fines for causing road death of man in Al Ain

The traffic court has convicted two men who caused the death of a 19-year-old Arab man in Al Ain. They were sentenced to one year in prison and fined Dh20,000 each. The second defendant was fined an additional Dh20,000 for attempting to escape the police. The men’s two vehicles were also confiscated and their driving licenses stopped, according to Emarat Al Youm. The incident occurred on June 2. The two jailed men were racing when one of them lost control of their car and hit the deceased.

Etihad introduces AI Robot Sophia to Abu Dhabi

Sophia, the world’s most advanced Artificially Intelligent Robot, introduces Emirati influencer Khalid al Ameri to the excitement of Abu Dhabi in a new video from Etihad Airways. Sophia is the AI-powered robot famous for speaking at the United Nations and interviewing celebrities and world leaders. Recently, she became the first robot in the world to possess a nationality after being granted citizenship by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the video, Sophie demonstrates a human-like range of emo